Regulations for ČMKU dog shows
Regulations for FCI dog shows



Czech Championships – exception is valid only during period of European Dog Show 2025:

  • Czech Champion - To gain this title the dog need to get 2 CAC´s: 1 CAC from EDS and 1 CAC from NWS (for breeds subject to a working trial according to the FCI breeds nomeclature, the working class certificate (WCC) MUST be enclosed)
  • Czech Junior Champion - To gain tis title the dog need to get 2 CAJC´s: 1 CAJC from EDS and 1 CAJC from NWS
  • Czech Veteran Champion - To gain this title the dog need to get 2 Excellent 1: one from EDS and one from NWS
  • CMKU Champion - The title can be award to dog which was awarded FCI-European Winner 2025 and National Winner at National Winner Show organized by EDS

Reciprocal agreement

For citizens of Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Israel, Lithuania and Latvia: if the dog is national Champion of Beauty, a simplified regulations can follow:

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