Rules for EDS 2025

The show will take place according to the FCI show rules. Only dogs registered in FCI recognized stud books can take part at the dog show. Exhibitors are obliged to comply with the provisions of the FCI and CMKU Dog Show Rules, the instructions of the Dog Show Committee, to which they undertake by submitting an application. The exhibitor acknowledges that he is obliged to maintain order in the exhibition grounds. In the event that the exhibition does not take place due to force majeure, the fees will be used to cover the costs of the dog show. The organizer is not responsible for damages caused by the dog or dog - the owner is responsible for all these damages.

Received applications will be confirmed by the entry form. Login is only possible using the online system When registering, you must first have an account set up in the system, then you will create your dog record in the section MY DOGS, you will add a copy of the pedigree via DOCUMENTS, including the part where the owner is visibly registered. In this section you can also add certificates or championships if you report to the Working class or Champions. In case of failure to provide certificates for the Working class, or Champions, the dog will be automatically, without notice, transferred to the open class.

After successful registration, you will receive a confirmation email, at the same time you can see the application in the section - MY APPLICATIONS. After completing the registration, the system will generate a variable symbol for payment. The application is valid only if it is PAID.

The organizer has the right not to accept the dog for the show without providing any reason.

It is forbidden to modify the dog's coat, skin or nose with anything that changes their structure, color or shape. It is forbidden to modify the dog in the exhibition grounds with the help of any substances or aids. Only cutting, trimming, combing and brushing are allowed. It is also forbidden to tie a dog to the show. Violation of this provision may result in immediate expulsion from the dog show.

Owners of dogs with the BOB title are obliged to participate with their dogs in the Final show ring.

The exhibitor agrees with the publication of his address in the exhibition catalog. Photographs and videos can be taken at the dog show. By attending the event, the viewer agrees that he / she may be the subject of photographs and recordings. If he does not wish to do so, he can explicitly inform the photographer.

Leading puppies for sale at the show is forbidden.

Judges are obliged to exclude aggressive and unmanageable, disobedient dogs from the judging.

A dog with cropped ears will not be admitted to the show and will not be judged.

Judges are subject to change.


Protest against the judge's decision is not allowed. It is possible to protest only for formal reasons of violation of shown rules and propositions. The protest must be submitted in writing, together with the deposit of CZK 4,000, and only during the dog show. If the protest is not accepted, the principal will be forfeited in favor of the exhibition organizer.

Veterinary conditions

All animals involved must be clinically healthy. (Even those do not compete)

Dogs must be equipped with a small animal passport or vaccination card stating that the dog is immune to rabies.

Dogs originating from EU Member States and third countries must be accompanied by a valid small animal passport and must comply with the conditions laid down in Regulation 998/2003 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 26 May 2003.

During the dog show, the owners will secure their animals so that there is no mutual attack or possible injury to persons.

From 1 January 2020, a vaccination of a dog against rabies is valid only if the dog is marked with a microchip. More information on the website of the State Veterinary Administration.

The exhibitor is responsible for the protection and well-being of the dog at the show. It is forbidden to expose dogs to situations where there is discomfort and health complications, such as leaving the dog in the car at external temperatures in summer or winter, or cruel treatment of the dog. Violation of this prohibition will lead to the exclusion of the dog, owner and exhibitor from the show.

Traveling with dogs to the Czech Republic from EU member states and Norway - information here.

Traveling with dogs to the Czech Republic from the listed third countries - information here.

Overview of show classes

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